It's like Elton John sang to us on "The Lion King" soundtrack, "It's the circle... the circle of liiiiiiife." As Longview has been forced to say goodbye to cheddar biscuits, someone sees it as an opportunity to bring a popular taco restaurant to town.

Red Lobster in East Texas is closed and there is nothing we can do about that, but my fellow East Texans there is something we can do about the lack of Torchy's Tacos.

This petition was started by a "devoted fan of Torchy's Tacos and a proud member of the Longview community," Reanna Ochoa. And now Ochoa is turning to her neighbors to help be the change we all want to see.

Bringing Torchy's Tacos to Longview would be more than just introducing a new dining option; it would enhance our community spirit by providing a gathering place where memories can be made over delicious food.

Let us bring this change to our community! Sign this petition if you believe in replacing Red Lobster with Torchy’s Tacos in Longview, TX!

If you hadn't heard Red Lobster abruptly closed down all of their East Texas locations on Monday (May 13), after the company announced it was considering filing for bankruptcy last month. In all the company shuttered 87 locations across 27 states.

According to the story our very own Mez on the MIC brought us this week, "In November, the company reported that they lost roughly $11 million during the third quarter of 2023 because of its all-you-can-eat shrimp promotion which they made a permanent menu item in June 2023."


But now maybe we can get a Torchy's in Longview. If you are moved by Ochoa words and you'd like to sign the petition, just click here.

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