According to a new study, Texas has more animal fatalities than any other U.S. state, and that's dubious. But it turns out one of the animal most likely to kill you is found in all major cities including Dallas, TX and Houston, TX, not just out in the country.

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But while more people are killed annually at the handspaws, hoofs... by animals in The Lone Star State, we do not have the highest odds of being attacked by an animal. We are however inside the Top 5.

So if I were to ask you which animals are most deadly to humans? You'd say sharks, right? Maybe grizzly bears? Wrong. Turns out that's horrible misrepresentations perpetuated by gratuitous Hollywood movies. It's actually sweet cuddly deer. Frickin' Bambis are out here mowing us down at an alarming rate annually.

  • Deer, 120-200 people per year - Deer account for an estimated 120-200 fatalities annually due to animal encounters.
  • Bees/Wasps/Hornets, 56 people per year - Approximately 56 people lose their lives each year due to attacks by bees, wasps, or hornets.
  • Dogs, 30-50 people a year - Fatalities caused by dog-related incidents range from 30 to 50 annually.
  • Livestock, 20 people a year - Livestock incidents lead to the deaths of about 20 people per year.
  • Spiders, 7 people a year - Spider bites result in approximately 7 fatalities annually. (still not sure why a website called that compiled this) found that the state with the highest odds of being attacked and killed by an animal is Georgia. There are approximately 3.7 million residents and Georgia has witnessed 164 animal attacks since '00, this means Georgians have the highest odds of 22,500 to 1 of being attacked by a wild animal.

When it comes to The Lone Star State, Texas which the second-largest state in the U.S., reports odds of 51,900 to one of being attacked by a wild animal. This makes residents here the fourth most likely to come toe to hoof with a killer deer, or bee, or spider... but still probably not a shark.

Here's the table.

You can get more information right here.

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