We're getting down to the wire for last-minute Valentine's Day gifts so we thought we'd share what Texas is Google searching more than anyone else in the United States in the last 12 years.

Estately set out to find what Valentine's Day gits in each state Googled more frequently than other people did in other states of the country - and the list is 1 part predictable, 2 parts 'what the heck!?' - just like my favorite cocktails.

Let's get down to brass tacks and dig deeper for Texas, specifically.

  1. Plus-size Lingerie
  2. Edible Panties
  3. Discount Sex Toys
  4. 'Valentines for him'

Plus-size Lingerie

Addition Elle Presents Fall/Holiday 2015 RTW And Ashley Graham Lingerie Collection - Spring 2016 Style360
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Google searches indicate that we like our ladies thick. Why wouldn't we? My ideal date ALWAYS includes a healthy serving of chips and queso, brisket or chicken fried steak. If model Ashley Graham is any indicator, bring on the plus-size lingerie.






Edible Panties

Candy Expo Opens In Chicago
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You never know when your blood sugar might start running low, especially on a holiday such as Valentine's Day. I get grumpy when I'm hungry so it's good to have a backup snack. I actually haven't personally tasted edible panties, but it's definitely something Texas is curious about.

Discount Sex Toys


I thought this was kind of interesting. 'Sex toys' was a common choice in multiple states including our neighbor Louisiana, but Texas searched more for 'discounted sex toys'. Ya gotta love a significant other who is always trying to save some money!

Valentine's For Him

Kaitlyn Bristowe And Shawn Boothe Celebrate Their 1st Valentine's Day Together With Dunkin' Donuts Heart-Shaped Donuts
Tommaso Boddi, Getty Images

I grew up believing Valentine's Day is for the lady. It's the day the man is supposed to shower their loved one with affection, roses, chocolates and (see items above). Actually, a good man does that for their loved one indiscriminately. And since when is it just men? A strong relationship is formed with two people. And Texas women seem to know this.

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