Every year at about this time we pretend to become college basketball experts and nerds and we get all gassed up and excited to fill out our brackets for the tournament.

Knowing full damn well a majority of us don't follow the sport until March, we still subject ourselves to attempt to predict the winners of 60 plus games. Even with the known fact and mathematics of ANYONE correctly predicting all of these winners being ASTRONOMICAL, we still waste millions and billions of dollars on paper printing out our "picks".

I have a general rule to never play anything where the odds are overwhelmingly against me but once again when "Selection Sunday" was over, I found myself headfirst in stats, brackets and googling "Where is Iona?" as once again (like a sucker) I filled out my bracket.

Just like most of you, the regular season record of the Texas Longhorns was seductive enough to make them a quick pick to win their first game against little old Abilene Christian. Austin vs. Abilene, the billion dollar powerhouse school vs. the little school that could. The stuff this tourney is made for right?

I'm quite sure just like most of you, you didn't see this coming and even though my entire bracket (AND YOURS) is officially HOT GARBAGE, its still fun to see these kind of upsets and I think all of us Texans need to gone ahead and root for the ACU kids to make some noise in this tourney.

And I'll be back next year filling out another losing bracket.

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