Does this man really think he's going to walk away with $10 million?

A Texas man is suing Target because he sustained injuries after being tackled by a Target employee in Lubbock. The man was reportedly shoplifting, according to a police report via KXAN. He's suing for up to $10 million.

Lubbock man Kelton Arthur says he was tackled by a Target store employee who knew Jiu Jitsu back in July of 2016. Arthur was allegedly attempting to steal a vacuum. KLBK TV also said police saw video of Arthur walking by the cash registers.

Photo Courtesy of Lubbock County Detention Center
Photo Courtesy of Lubbock County Detention Center

The Jiu Jitsu-trained Target employee, Christopher O'Dell told KLBK:

I chose to use the most humane possible forms of self defense. I know that what I did was within the law, that I didn't break any laws and that I didn't do anything wrong.

Arthur reportedly bit O'Dell in the arm and was attempting to gouge his eyes.

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