I'm glad to report the worker did the right thing called the cops.

If you're someone that is in the firearms business, you can refuse to sell to a customer if you believe they're going to use it for an illegal act or for self-harm. I'm sure that the person buying the gun isn't just going to come out and say they're planning to do that. Well, over in Houston a man did exactly that. Joseph Anthony Abreu went into an Academy Sporting Goods on April 16th to purchase a 9 mm pistol.

When Abreu was talking with the worker about the gun, he asked how much ammo does it hold. The worker said the firearm would come with a six-round magazine and an eight-round magazine. “That’s fine,” Abreu replied, according to court records. “I got eight rounds to kill eight people.” Employees informed Abreu they were not going to sell to him, they also called police who arrived after Abreu already left the store.

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The good news is that even if Abreu did not make the comment, he would not have gotten a gun anyway. Abreu has a lengthy criminal history and is not allowed to posses a firearm. However, since he did technically attempt to buy one at this Academy store, he is now facing charges of attempted possession of a firearm by a felon. Even though he technically did not buy it, he apparently did fill out a federal form for a background check. Which is enough to face charges.

32-year-old Joseph Anthony Abreu, has a broad and lengthy criminal history that dates back to 2009. It includes charges of prostitution, evading arrest and criminal trespassing.

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