School is back in session. And, listen, you're not the only one who is getting frustrated in the car pool drop off lane. But, perhaps, this Texas mom and her tips could help out the drop off at your school in Dallas, TX, or wherever city it is you live.

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I'll admit it. I get out of the truck when I drop off my oldest daughter. But I feel like it helps move our drop off along. It encourages her to get out faster... but maybe if I stop that and implement a few more of Lateasha Witherspoon's tips, expertly executed by her sons Jason, 9, and Jeremiah, 7, we'd all be better off.

Ok let's dive into the video:

Witherspoon, who garnered national exposure last year on TODAY, explains that the first step is proper seat placement.

First things first, put your kids on the passenger side of the car.” Next, she advises to train your kids to “hold the latch.” She also advises that they should already have their backpacks on. She points out that being uncomfortable for a few seconds won’t hurt them, she says "it’s good for their posture."

Here's where perhaps my biggest faux paux is, like I noted earlier, I get out of the truck. Witherspoon would be very upset with me.

“Y'all have got to stop getting out of the car and opening the doors for them. Let them open their own damn door — it takes too much time,” according to her.

And finally if you're coming to a complete stop, you're all sorts of wrong. “Most importantly, we are yielding,” Witherspoon advises. “It’s not a stop. It’s a yield… We’re gonna teach them how to tuck and roll," she half-jokes.

Watch her video to see how this is all executed in real time:

@teashawitherspoon This is how you do it!!! #schooldropoffsbelike #schooldropoffline #tuckandroll ♬ original sound - Teasha Witherspoon

There ya go. We'll see how things go tomorrow morning.

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