Denison, Texas mom Cali Daniels can slay! And it's all about her babies.

One of her best lines in my opinion include:

They think they / going to say no to me? Let's find out and see / that it gets done / but the time I count to three.

A mom from Texas, who gained Internet stardom last year for her family-friendly rap parodies, has done it again. All of her rap parodies include her three kids who nod their heads like little ballers and her re-worked lyrics revolve around being a mother. Last year, she became a viral sensation with her cover of "Trap Queen", according to Fox News. This year, she reworks "Bodak Yellow" by Cardi-B into her own version of "Bodak Mellow".

The current video has over 10.5 million views on Facebook and over 2.5 million views on YouTube as of this writing. It also has almost 230,000 Facebook shares and 134,000 reactions.

Definitely check all of her videos out. Her lyrics are great, her delivery is spot on, and her kids appear to love it. Cali told KXII-TV that she's even received messages from other mommies who said she inspires them.

It just makes me really happy because that is what a majority of them say, is 'you inspire me to have more fun with my kids.'

Someone get this woman a record deal for 'Now That's What I Call Mommy Raps'!

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