Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my face like so many other people that are seeing this loaded baked potato for the very first time. Now seeing a loaded baked potato on a menu in Texas in normal but it’s all the toppings that are piled high on this specific potato that is making TikTok lose it’s mind right now.  

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Everyone knows the saying that everything is bigger in Texas and they take that saying very serious at M’Jays House of Smoke in Arlington, Texas. It’s causing some people to say that the dish is too much, and if you know anyone who says nonsense like that the best course of action is to cut them out of your life immediately. In all seriousness, you better be extremely hungry if you’re going to take down the Three Headed Monster! 

What is on the Three Headed Monster? 

The dish starts with a baked potato covered in butter then comes a large pile of shredded cheese, a gigantic portion of brisket, smothered in BBQ sauce, two sliced sausages, two ribs, then more BBQ sauce, more shredded cheese, and a few green onions on top.  

@kevonstagetiktokThis is loaded baked potato is OUTRAGEOUSLY GREEDY!!

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How Much For This Delicious Monstrosity? 

If you’re really feeling brave and wanting to devour this delicious meal it can be yours for about $28 according to their restaurant menu online. Because of the attention that this potato is getting online be prepared for a little bit of a wait, this all depends on when you stop by M’Jays House of Smoke in Arlington, Texas. 

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