When you think about the richest people living in the state of Texas I automatically start thinking about athletes, while I know that answer is not correct it just seems like we always hear about big time sports figures landing gigantic contracts. But instead of thinking about the guys playing sports getting huge paychecks what about the ladies that are business leaders who have earned enormous wealth. 


When it comes to the wealthiest woman in the state of Texas the name might sound familiar. Does the name Alice Walton sound familiar? I’m sure that you’ve heard of the success that her family has had since 1962 when the first Walmart Store opened. Yes, one of the heirs to the Walmart corporation is in Texas and according to KXAN she is the 2nd wealthiest in the entire state behind Elon Musk. 

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What About the 2nd Wealthiest Woman in Texas? 

After Alice Walton at 55.7 billion dollars the next wealthiest woman in Texas is also rich from Walmart money. The 9th wealthiest person in the state and 2nd wealthiest woman is Ann Walton Kroenke and has an estimated wealth of approximately $8.3 billion dollars.  

Wikimedia Commons, Canva
Wikimedia Commons, Canva

You Won’t See Many Photos of Alice Walton 

Because Alice has such extreme wealth, she also stays very private, which is why you won’t see her in pictures or on social media. She has all the money she could ever need so popularity is obviously not something that means a lot to her, which I can appreciate. 

These ladies have had lots of success and you can only expect to see their massive amounts of wealth continue to grow.  

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