How desperate are you to date someone new in this Pandemic?

According to the lifestyle website, out of 3,200 single people polled,  57% of Texas singles will not date someone who lives in an area where there's a high rate of COVID.

In fact, single people in Texas are traveling more than 2 hours to meet up with bae!

The survey also asked those polled how far they would travel to link with someone of the opposite sex for a date.

The single Texan women polled said they are happy to spend 2.4 hours traveling to date, and men are even more anxious lol willing to spend 2.7 hours getting to bae.

According to the site, it seems as if almost half of those polled would prefer to have a video call than to meet in person. Over 60% of the men polled said they prefer their first date be at their date's home instead of going out.

Showing that people are treating COVID like an STD, 20% of the men polled, compared to 62% of women, say they would require a new partner to get tested for Covid before getting "BUSY"

Even more startling, their statistics show,  1 in 5 singles admit they wouldn’t date someone who previously tested positive for Covid.


Is it that serious people??



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