Things get heated during Uno in my household, however you can't be killing people over children's games.

With the exception of Monopoly, nothing can ruin a family game night quicker than Uno. Seems like a fun time for all, then someone hits you with that draw four card and it instantly ruins your night.


A Night of Uno Goes Terribly Wrong in Baytown, Texas

Looks like on New Year's Eve of 2022, just a few months ago. A couple of friends got together to ring in the new year. Looks like at some point in the night, someone decided it was a good idea to play the classic card game Uno. As of right now, we do now know what happened in the card game. I am sure this will come out once this case goes to trial.

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So What Happened?!

Here is what we know so far, a man by the name Andrew Placencia became upset during the game of Uno. We don't know if it was something in the game itself that set him off like getting hit with a draw four or if someone said something to him. He got pissed and allegedly punched another man named Wayland Hood. The punch came out of nowhere the family said and Mr. Hood was hit right in the eye. The punch actually killed Mr. Hood.

Officially Ruled a Homicide

A medical examiner officially concluded this week that the punch is what killed Mr. Hood. Had to be sure it was not a different medical ailment that caused the death. Andrew Placencia was officially arrested this past Thursday in Baytown, Texas. He has now been charged with manslaughter.

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