After being harassed by a fellow gym goer, this woman from Odessa, Texas had finally had enough, as you'll see in the video below.

It had been going on for a while. But finally, one young Texas woman from Odessa found the courage to rebuke a man who'd been harassing her during her workouts at her Crunch Fitness location.

The woman in the video is Chelsie Gleason of Odessa, Texas. She shared her harassment experience on her TikTok account. Her account handle is @justchesslee.

She became frustrated during her workouts each week when this same fellow would make comments to her about her exercise and form. According to Newsweek, she said he would also wander around and chat with other gymgoers about conspiracy theories.

Dude, read the room. These people just want to get their workout in.

But after their exchanges escalated into him becoming angry with her, following her around the gym, and even yelling at her from across the gym, her patience was wearing thin.

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It came to a head in this short video where she is working out and her harasser came over and started to actually get in her face. She finally yells "Don't come near me!"

@justchessleebeing a female is fun(:♬ original sound - Chelsie Gleason

As simple as this video may be, it has resonated so deeply with so many people, it has now been viewed more than 40 MILLION times. WOW.

Why was this quite simple and short video of a woman finally speaking up and rebuking someone who was harassing her so popular with viewers?

Perhaps it is because so many of us--especially women--have been in a situation similar to one such as this.

After her video went viral, she decided to do a couple of "Storytime" videos on TikTok where she went into more detail about the months leading up to the climactic moment you see in the short video above. Apparently, it didn't start out QUITE so creepy...

@justchesslee Heres the long awaited story time! Again thank you @crunchfitness for all the help ! ##fitness##fitnessgirls ♬ original sound - Chelsie Gleason

I love how she was so gracious about the helpful staff at Crunch Fitness. It's a great company. So, we're not surprised about how helpful they were once they were made aware of the situation.

Here's Part 2 of "Storytime."

Also was not trying to bash the gym at all by making the post just Spreading Awareness!! ##besafe##gymgirls##fitness
♬ original sound - Chelsie Gleason

We also love how helpful her advice is for any woman (or anyone for that matter) who has ever had to deal with something like this. It can be bewildering to find yourself in that situation and not be QUITE sure how to deal with it.

Many of us do our best to be kind and welcoming to people whenever we can. So when we come across someone who may take advantage of that goodwill, it can take an intentional act of will to respond in a manner to shut down the harassment.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this?

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