What is it about man time in the bathroom that everyone feels needs to be ruined?

Yeah, we go. We take our phone to give us something to do. We lose track of time playing pool or reading an article from the ESPN app. It happens.

That's no need to ruin that time.

Well, I guess I'm wrong. A couple of guys, Adam and Elliot, have created what they call the "Toilet Timer" according to simplemost.com.

It basically works like an hour glass. The sand starts in the silhouette of a dude and falls into a toilet. The sand measures out five minutes which should be enough time to take care of business.

Yeah, no.

So how did this come about? Were these guys forced to by their wives or girlfriends? Were they tired of being yelled at for taking too long in the bathroom? Nope, Adam took too long one time and his legs went numb.

Umm, yeah that happens on occasion.

Adam and Elliot have a Kickstarter for their invention that reached it's goal of $20,000. For those that donated $17 for this useless creation, they will get one of their very own.

Hooray for ruined man time.

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