As we approach the holiday season, there will be more people on the road and the chances of getting into an accident increases. One of the factors that contribute to this rise is drunk driving and with holiday parties on the way, that number will surely increase.

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A study done a few months back by MoneyGeek examined 10,137 fatal crashes in Texas to find its deadliest stretches of road. They analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration FARS (fatal accident reporting system) database using fatality data from 2017, 2018 and 2019. 2019 is the latest data available in the system.

Based On That Data, We Looked Up The Deadliest Stretches Of Road In 11 East Texas Counties.

Cities with the Most Accidents

Based on the information available, we checked out what stretches of road in East Texas had the most fatal accidents and we were very surprised at the findings. We checked out the information in:

  • Smith
  • Gregg
  • Anderson
  • Cherokee
  • Panola
  • Henderson
  • Rusk
  • Van Zandt
  • Wood
  • Harrison
  • Upshur

Before we get into this list, we implore you to please drive safely this holiday season and don't drink and drive. Get a designated driver or Uber ready if you're planning on celebrating this season and also use extra precaution if you find yourself traveling along one of these East Texas roads.

The 11 Deadliest Roads In East Texas

This is list is based upon the roads with the most fatal accidents.

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