People used to know how to write.

This came to my attention today when I actually received a letter. I'd forgotten that people used to sit down, write out their thoughts with a pen or a typewriter, and mail it to another person.

Not only did I get a letter, it was formatted properly and signed.

It made me realize that the art of writing is dying.

Even though I rarely send a formal letter, I still try to adhere to proper formatting, punctuation and grammar in all of my communications.

What happened?

I am of the opinion that email killed writing. At first, most people tried to send well-written communications via email. That slowly went away. By the time text messaging came along, it appeared that all of the commas, periods and other helpful writing tools were taken out back, piled up and set on fire.


I was taught that how you speak and write has a direct impact on how smart people think you are. Consequently, if you write like an idiot, the assumption is that you are an idiot.

Maybe I'm the only one who still cares, but I don't think that's true.

And by the way, writing is now forever. Everything we send on email, in text messages or post on Facebook or Twitter will be forever kept (thank you NSA) for the whole world to review long after we're gone.

"u2 need 2 b 2together SMH LOL" is not how I want our descendants to remember us.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather be remembered for coherent communication.

So, I propose that we put forth just a little more effort when we chat.

Does that sound all write with you?