I know Turkey day is around the corner so I know you're probably not thinking about places to eat at this time of the year but trust me, after you're worn out on all things "turkey" by Saturday, you'll be out and about SEARCHING for something else to consume.

Which brings me to "brunch", that beautiful and confusing part of the day where "breakfast meets lunch". Back in my "single" days, after a long night of partying, drinking and very little sleep, getting up to go to an IHOP, Denny's or Waffle House for food was always the move. We just didn't know that it was called "brunch", we just called it "trying to get back to life" food.


But now, brunch is no longer for "drunks trying to find food before going to bed", its now more of a "must do" in our culture for the cool, grown, and sophisticated as Nas showcased in his song "Brunch On Sundays".

There's LOTS of Brunch Options In East Texas But The Grove In Tyler Is Amazing

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I used to drive past "The Grove" in Tyler daily and I seriously thought that it was a "church" of some sort but everyone told me it was a great place to visit. After being here a year and seeing so much about it, I was excited to find out that they served brunch on Sundays and they didn't disappoint so I pulled up on my birthday.


We started our brunch with Maple Candied Smoked Bacon which was SUPER sweet, sticky and wonderful. Even though its just 4 pieces, you'll be asking for the whole slab before its done.


By the way, what good is brunch without a refreshing adult beverage. So I had a cucumber mojito which helps wake up the senses in more ways then one.


My wife, who loves brunching just as much as I do, enjoyed the East Texas Breakfast, a simple order of two eggs, any style, link sausage or bacon, Yukon potatoes and toast. While this would be something I normally order for brunch, I couldn't resist getting one of their amazing salads.


For my delicious Loaded Wedge Salad which features bacon, cheddar, red onions, Buttermilk Dressing, Balsamic Glaze, Chimichurri, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Baby Heirloom Tomatoes and Chives with chicken added on was perfect. Its a meal that doesn't "knock you out" for the rest of the day unless you have a few more mojitos.

The Best Part? It Wasn't Expensive

The grand total for our meal was just over $50 for the two of us which is very affordable, plus the atmosphere, décor and vibes are great all around.

Can I give you some game? Fellas, take your girl to brunch BEFORE kickoff on Saturdays and Sundays. Why? She'll have a good time and will enjoy the quality time yall spent together and you'll be free to watch the games undisturbed. Trust me. Again, I'm sure there's other great Brunch options here and if there is, let me know, but as of right now, The Grove got it on lock.

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