Everyone loves a good proposal story. There hasn't been once lady I've seriously dated where I didn't fantasize about how I was going to pop the question. And I'm sure it's the same way from the other end. Now I don't know if this proposal tops the unbelievable one Buddy Logan wrote about on Radio Texas Live, but maybe it did - it is pretty romantic.

19-year-old KC Carter shared a video on his Facebook on January 29 titled, "Well guys, I proposed to my best friend =)". Since then, the video has been shared over 19,000 times with over 1.6 million views. Plus, I don't think there was a single negative comment out of the 1,671.

The video shows KC and his now-fiance Allison Cooper dancing under the stars to the tune of "You Look So Good in Love", originally George Strait's but this was a cover from Cody Johnson. They were only illuminated by headlights as they were in a secluded back road - their favorite pastime together.

This isn't elaborate. It's just sweet.

“The first night we hung out we stopped on a back road to dance,” he told MySA. “So it’s just a tradition that stuck.”

That's all you need fellas! A good song, a little thought and some Texas back roads.

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