Man, the things we'll put folks through. Moment of complete honesty, I was checking myself out at Walmart last week and I rung up a six-pack of beer. Next thing I noticed a lady was standing next to me asking for my driver's license.

"I left it in the truck," I told her. "Well, I have to see it. Or I can take the beer off." A little annoyed, half laughing, "I'm literally 40-years-old." "It's the policy," was the reply I got.

And as I walked to my truck to get the ID I caught myself -- for just a split second -- feeling that "WTF!?" bubbling up. Then I thought to myself, "Wait. She's just doing her job." I collected myself, grabbed the ID, showed it to her and said "Make me feel like a kid again." And we laughed and laughed and laughed.

I share that because I think we all have been there. Maybe it was a tough day, maybe someone just catches you at a bad moment. No matter the circumstances, the type of behavior that Amanda A. witnessed at Chili's in Tyler, and shared in the TTRR&R Facebook group, is never acceptable. And it shows Chili's has got at least one amazing manager at the helm of this location.

Before I left I asked her how she remained so calm and her response was I’ve been through worse things in life than a bad day at work. I want to be like Kassie when I grow up.

Here's Amanda's eyewitness account of what happened:

"I went to Chili’s in Tyler to pick up a to-go order (service is always great for us) and as I walked into the to-go area another customer walked in and mumbled under her breath quite angry and claiming she had been ignored for 5 minutes. After about 30 seconds a young lady peaked her around the corner and got both our names and apologized for any wait we had incurred (I have since found out her name is Kassie and she is the manager). She checks on the orders and tells us both 2 minutes tops and she’ll have them out to which the customer responded “you know I’ve been waiting 10 minutes, right, and I had to get out of my car!”

"Kassie apologized and offered her a beverage, she offered to brew her coffee and told her she could bring it out to her car. The customer told her "no." (Already beginning to cuss at Kassie) Kassie heads to back and returned with both our bags in about 1 minute. THEN This lady snatches the bag from Kassie and tells her there is no reason to wait 30 minutes for 8 wings and that she needs to find a new job. (30 minutes? How did 10 + the 2ish minutes turn to 30?)"

"Then the lady comes back in and asks for the GM’s PERSONAL number. Kassie offered her corporates number and the woman threatened physical violence if she didn’t receive the GM’s number. The woman was SCREAMING veins popping spit popping (why?!). After calling this poor manager every name in the book she turned to leave and Kassie locked the door behind both of us. This upset the woman for some reason so she went around to the front of the building. I followed! If there had been a physical altercation between these two the brawny customer lady would have torn this Kassie apart (who knows maybe she’s scrappy) I digress..."

"The manager was greeting another customer at the front when the angry woman screamed at Kassie and told her to get outside. She responded by locking one of the doors and then this woman held the other door open with her foot. Calling her every ugly name you could think of, THEN SWUNG HER TO-GO BAG AND STRIKES THIS MANAGER."

"The manager moved her face in time but the bag still hit her arm! At that point there was a tiny crowd and the woman backed off but continued screaming profanities as she walked away."

"I tell this story to say: I have never encountered a more calm, level headed, respectful person in the service industry. She continued to be polite to this woman EVEN AFTER SHE HAD BEEN HIT. Once the woman was gone this manager immediately started asking OTHERS if they were ok. There was no theatrics. She never once claimed to be a victim. It was incredible. I do not know where Chili’s found her or how they continue to keep her but if we all had a bit of the grace that this tiny, cute girl had towards this hateful human we might all live a little happier. Before I left I asked her how she remained so calm and her response was I’ve been through worse things in life than a bad day at work. I want to be like Kassie when I grow up."

I wanna be like Kassie too. Kassie's cooler than Joe Burrow.


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