Any dog owner would love to have their pooch be able to really talk to them. They already carry on conversations with their furry friend, but it's usually a one way conversation. We've even furthered the fantasy of dogs talking thanks to a collar in movies like Up.

Well, a company called mschf has created a collar that will allow your dog to talk to you...sort of. It's called The Cuss Collar. Every time your dog barks, it let's out a cuss word according to CNN. That could be the s-word, or the f-word, or some other bad word concoction of the sort.

You simply put The Cuss Collar on like any other collar and let the bad language hilarity ensue. It'd be great for parties or just to terrorize your neighborhood as you take your pooch for an afternoon walk.

You can hear a demonstration of the collar in the video below. **THIS VIDEO CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE. THUS IT IS LABELED NOT SAFE FOR WORK.** Listen at your own risk.

Currently The Cuss Collar is sold out but you can get on a list that will notify you when it becomes available again. Check it out at

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