Internet travel company Orbitz <a href="">recently ranked the most popular destinations for spring break</a>, based on bookings to their website. Here are the top five:<!--more-->

<strong>5.  Fort Lauderdale, Florida</strong>
The city where Spring Break was born became fed up with the tradition's yearly mayhem and began to pass laws during the '80s which discouraged spring breakers.  However, judging from this ranking, Fort Lauderdale is back in business for March fun.

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<strong>4.  Phoenix, Arizona</strong>
Phoenix is the home of Arizona State -- the largest non-commuter university in the nation.  So there are plenty of things to do in the desert for the young folks.

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<strong>3.  Cancun, Mexico</strong>
Cancun has something that no spring break destination in the U.S. has:  An 18 drinking age.  There is also no last call in the Mexican resort town, so college students can enjoy their alcohol until after the sun comes up.

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<strong>2.  Las Vegas, Nevada</strong>
Spring break can be expensive, but if you go to Vegas you can win back all the money you spent!

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<strong>1.  Orlando, Florida</strong>
It isn't just college students who get a week off from school in spring, and Orlando, home of a very famous mouse, has long catered to the pre-teen set and their families.
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<p style="text-align: right;"><strong><em>- Contributed by Jeremy Taylor</em></strong></p>