Checking out the latest online look-a-like phenomenon has become an almost daily diversion for a lot of us. It could be someone on the opposite side of the country who has an amazing resemblance to your co-worker in the next cubicle, or a local politician who could pass for the twin of a Hollywood star. No matter the circumstances, we're fascinated by the similarities.

However, today's doppelganger comparison is a little more unusual:  Genie The Calf versus Gene Simmons' KISS Demon!  South Texas' Hill Country Visitor shares the story of Kerrville rancher Heather Taccetta's latest addition to the herd, born just last week.  Genie's Demon-like face may prove to be a fortunate twist of fate, since her owner also works for Cowboy Steak House.  An official mascot opportunity for the restaurant appears to be where her future lies, rather than the other more obvious option!

When word got to Gene Simmons about Genie The Calf, he responded with amusement, but given his business-savvy, don't bet against him cooking up a KISS marketing campaign that ties the two together - with big potential financial benefit for all parties involved of course...

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