East Texas, because of your continued support and generosity, you guys helped KNUE raise $128,070 for the kids of St. Jude Children's Hospital! Give yourself a pat on the back. This amount of money will be such a blessing to the kids who are battling for their lives each and every day. We couldn't be more proud of our KNUE listeners. You guys heard the call for help and you came through like champs. $128,070 is $4,000 more then we raised from last year. What a blessing you are.

It was a long two days, we laughed and cried together, trying to just make it to the next hour. But that is nothing compared to what these brave children and their families go through. So, until St. Jude has cures for all the childhood cancers and devastating diseases that are taking our precious kids, KNUE will continue raising money for the cause. It's a war, but we will win!

God Bless each and everyone of you.