Nature is a beautiful thing. The sounds are relaxing, the views are amazing, the reset to our system while in nature is very therapeutic. On the flip side of that, nature can be a brutal and unforgiving beast. There is no remorse or moral code in nature, just instinct. For us humans, it can be hard to comprehend. In a video that is going viral all across social media, including TikTok, a human stumbled upon a bit of cutesy horror as they caught a deer eating a snake.

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Nature is Both Beautiful and Terrifying

Deer are cute. Deer are an important animal to our ecosystem. Deer also taste good. Deer sausage and deer jerky are a couple of my favorites. But when we think about deer, we don't think of them as a predator to other animals. But as with anything in nature, sometimes the rules don't apply to everyone. Case in point is a viral video of what we can assume is a hunter coming across a deer eating a snake and seemly enjoying the treat.

Basically, does are known to eat their own afterbirth. The deer is likely eating the snake for “nutritional benefit after the drain of pregnancy and as anti-predator cleanup. I suspect it is responding to very similar cues to a birth scene…Anecdotally, it seems like every example I’ve ever seen of deer eating meat involves a doe, and usually in springtime. - Lindsay Thomas, CCO for the National Deer Association

Why would a deer eat a snake?

Field and Stream got ahold of the video as well and gave an explanation as to why the normally herbivore deer would chow down on another animal. Lindsay Thomas, CCO for the National Deer Association, says that it's not unusual for does to eat meat. Eating the meat of another animal provides some nutritional benefit after giving birth. Believe it or not, deer have been known to eat other small animals like bunnies or, even scarier, human remains.

Check out the video below:

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