It's been 20 years since the Magnificent Seven took home gold at the Atlanta Olympics, and now Team USA claims the reigning world champion of the past three years, as it's leader, Simone Biles.

Time interviewed 'The Magnificent Seven' discuss Simone Biles, and the way the sport has changed in 20 years. Biles' talent has been shining through since childhood, but the last few years, she's been taking home the hardware. She has won the world championship the past three years, and is now the front-runner for the Olympic games.

As Amanda Borden says in the video below, "That has never happened before."

Until the Olympic Games in 1996, a USA gymnastics team had never won gold. It seems appropriate that the women who won the team gold first, discuss the new shining star. Take a look at this video Time put together.


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