Let me start by saying "Hail Carter High"! I say that because Sha'Carri Richardson is a graduate of the great David W. Carter High School in Dallas, Texas as I am too. There are really no words to express how I really feel about this young lady. She is the second fastest woman in the world is defeating all of the odds and shaking all of the haters and naysayers off.

This past weekend Track Queen Sha'Carri sealed her spot on the #RoadToTokoyo. What that means is that she will represent the United States of America in the upcoming Olympic Games. This past weekend she dominated the track and became the fastest woman in our nation running 10.65 in the 100m dash. There were so many questions about her hair and her nails. Just so you know, she was making the statement "I'm running on fire!" with her fiery orange hair.

Sha'Carri was told as an high school athlete that she was not going to go to college and dominate. Now this is the young lady that was the fastest high school female in the State of Texas. Hailing from Oak Cliff, Texas, a predominantly black area in the southern sector of Dallas, she went on to attend LSU on a track scholarship, dominated her Freshman year then went pro and now preparing to run in the upcoming Olympics. When she got to college, she ran into some of the same disappointment with people telling her that it was not her time to go pro and that she needed to wait her turn.

I completely understand her drive and ambition because I possess that trait too. If you tell me I can't do something, I will pull a "Don't believe me just watch" on you and I teach my daughters to do the same. Here we have a successful young black woman and all the media is focused on is her hair, nails and her girlfriend. Why not just focus on her talent, her success and the role model she is. My 12 year old runs the 100m and she looks up the Sha'Carri, the same way I looked up to Oprah and Wendy Williams.

Time is out for trashing black women just because you don't understand the culture. She was not given her spot on Team USA her earned it. She did not just win the race, she dominated the race, pointed to her time as she ran across the finish line and looked into the camera and told all of her haters and naysayers "Stop playing with me!" Sha'Carri, we a proud of you and can't wait to see you burn up Tokyo.


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