The Powerball jackpot is starting to peak interest in the casual lottery players again! With no winner in last Saturday's drawing, this Wednesday's Powerball lottery jackpot is estimated to be worth $359 million! Which means you'll need to get to a convenience store or lottery retailer near you by 9 p.m. Wednesday night to get that ticket that could lead you to riches and you could arrive at your in-laws or family's house for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday with some big celebratory news! Of course, if you let them know you won that much, they, without a doubt, will come asking for some money, so you best keep your winnings to yourself at first!

If you choose to play, you'll need to play responsibly because the odds of winning are astronomical! Seriously, they're like 1 in 292 million! You can lose everything or win as little as $4 or a million, like someone did in Michigan last weekend, or you could go all the way and win the $359 million! Good luck if you decide to play the drawing is at 10:12 p.m. on Wednesday.