Christmas is a special time of the year for a lot of families. It's usually the one time a year that a lot of families get together to catch up, go down memory lane and create new memories, too. But for a lot of people being home for the holidays just isn't feasible because of different situations, although they'd like to be home.

Some U.S. service members are among that group that can't be home for the holidays. Our troops are in foreign lands to help protect others and our freedom and yet others are stationed at bases scattered throughout our great nation. These honored men and women do miss home, especially during this time of the year.

But there's a fragrance company that's stepped in to help bring a little bit of home to them on the front lines.

The Air Wick company has created a very emotional and touching ad which will leave you in tears. The company takes a few things that are very familiar to this particular serviceman and creates candles with some of his favorite scents. You just might need to dry your eyes after watching this one!

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