Buried treasure. It's kind of a lost art. I feel like no one buries treasure except maybe my dog in the backyard - but she can keep that  'treasure' for herself.

Often times rumors of buried treasure are rooted in history and that's what we're going to uncover. The tale of the hidden Cypress Creek Gold located in Upshur County has a direct link to the Republic of Texas and the Mexican-American War of 1846-8, according to Legends of America.

The lore began with the Texas army pushing the Cherokee Indians from the city of Tyler to Upshur County.

In an article from Onlyinyourstate.com discussing 7 Treasures That Are Still Hiding in Texas, it explains that the Mexican government promised the local Native Americans -the Cherokees of East Texas - a huge sum of gold and silver, and in return they would have to defeat the Texas army. Well, we know how that goes...

In the Battle of the Neches on July 15 and 16 of 1839 over 300 warriors met with the Texas forces. At least 100 Indians were killed, including Chiefs Duwali and Bowles, which resulted in the remaining Indian forces (who were also accompanied by Mexicans) to retreat across the Red River into Oklahoma. Of interesting note, Chief Bowles was carrying a sword that was gifted to him from Sam Houston himself.

Amid the retreat, the Mexicans still holding the treasure meant to be awarded to the Cherokee also took off but buried their cache in Little Cypress Creek.

Rumor has it that to this day, that money is still there.

So... you can go hunt for this lost treasure or you maybe you'll get lucky here!? Either way, it's always fun to uncover parts of the past.

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