In the aftermath of SXSW, there are only a few things left standing in the path of the festivals dervish chaos. One of the survivors will be the Texas bluegrass band, The Whiskey Shivers. Fiddle, banjo, up right bass, and washboard rode the storm as Austinites and as champions of great new Texas music. Though this band has been a pickin' together for a while, they have done nothing better than just keep gettin' better.

Their take on the american favorite, bluegrass, is like a white wash over and old fence barely doing its duty. The men of The Whiskey Shivers take instruments played by many before them and create a sound that speaks straight to your heart. Now, don't think all this heart talk means these boys are sissies.

Their lyrics speak with confidence and wit that excites your ears and gets your head working. That is if you can't stand still long enough to really give these words a good listening.

Songs like "Middlesboro" will swing you around with the force of a twister ripping over the landscape. The banjo breaks will be your only seconds of rest, yet your feet will continue to tap as your lungs try to recover from the feverish dancing. Then, out of no where a voice while wash over you like a sudden rain in the dead of our 100 degree Texas summers.

Sweet molasses, thick and sweet, that is what The Whiskey Shivers' fiddle player and singer's voice is like. In songs like "Jealous Heart," you will experience this calming and strong voice. Don't believe me? Watch this.

Pretty great, huh? These Whiskey Shivers will crawl into your life if you let them. Listening to their fan favorite, "Gimme all your lovin," will give them invitation to stay in your head. The fun of this song will leave it stuck to your tongue. When your mind settles for just a moment, you will find yourself singing it aloud. You will feel like this music mind control lets your soul free and makes your heart happy.

Can you hear what I am saying? Well, then just listen to them.

Do you like what you are hearing? You can have this forever if you want. That is right, The Whiskey Shivers have a limited time FREE download of their performance during SXSW. Now, do not take advantage and just get this free download. Support these boys and buy a record. You won't regret it and that money will let these boys keep doing what they are doing best.