What's the worst beer in the world? Well, according to a list by RateBeer.com, Bud Light is the 11th worst, Coors Light the 30th and Miller Lite 47th. What?

Is there even that wide of difference in these beers? These are in fact the three beers drank most by my friends, I'd go as far as saying they're our Top 3.

We're American, and we like beer(s). Our beers of choice: Bud, Miller or Coors Light and we certainly don't care if it's clever marketing that's got us hooked. I personally prefer Bud Light, but in a pinch I'll drink a Miller or Coors Light. But will always go for a Dos Equis before either of those. Of those four beers three make this list of The Worst Beers in World (Bud Light  No. 11, Coors Light  No. 30 and Miller Lite No. 47) and I'm cool with that. I already knew I wasn't a sophisticated beer drinker, besides I want to drink my beer, not eat it.

Here's my quick breakdown: Apparently, Bud Ice (No. 28) is better than my top pick of Bud Light. Tequiza, which taste like Fruit Loops cereal, barely made the cut (No. 50), when it should be  No. 2 right behind Olde English 800 (No. 1), which is actually at its best when drunk warm, out of a paper bag. As far as Natural Light and Ice being Nos. 2 and 3, respectively, I concur,  but Bud Select 55 (No. 6) isn't that bad, plus it has just 55 manly calories. And I actually was coerced into trying Bud Light Chilada (No. 10) once, but just once.

Check out the rest of the 50 Bottom Beers in the World right here.  Then recall with me just why we love these beers -- here's a few of the world's best beer commercials,  for what's apparently the world's worst beers (that doesn't even make sense).

Bud Light "Frogs Get Fired"

Coors Light "Playoffs"

Miller Light - General John Wayne

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