If you've lived in Texas long enough, I think you automatically can guess which stretch of asphalt is deemed the widest freeway in the world. And there still always seems to be traffic!

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner highlighted the Katy Freeway twice last year, stating that Houston is home to the widest freeway in the world. The website, Politifact, did some fact-checking of the following statement from Turner on March 4, 2016:

The Katy Freeway, or Interstate 10 west of Houston, is the widest freeway in the world, with up to 26 lanes including frontage road lanes.

To be clear, if frontage roads are included in the count, Katy Freeway (I-10) has a total of 26 lanes (as of 2008) in some sections, according to Business Insider - that would make it by far the widest in the world.

However, I can't help but recall an article from USA Today about a 50-lane traffic jam in Beijing... That sounds like it would be be wider than the one in Houston, no? Also, this photo just looks like torture at this point.

To add a little perspective, Texas isn't ONLY know for it's huge roadways and highways. The shortest highway in the state of Texas is very, very short.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the shortest state highway in Texas is only 391 feet long. Loop 168 (which I've been told is not a loop at all) is located in Tenaha, Texas.


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