Most people think that dissecting frogs in science class is the worst that it gets, I until today I agreed with that. But now I know better.

What could be worse than dissecting a frog you ask? Well first let's review how awful dissecting frogs is.

First of all, frogs are kind of gross creatures anyway - especially when they are dead, preserved and smell awful. Skinning the frog to look at it's muscles is the least grotesque part, in my opinion. The muscles kind of cover all the organs and gross stuff, so that was bearable. Then you get under the muscles and see the blood vessels, bones and organs - slightly more gross than the muscles. And you can't forget to look at the nerves either, but to get to those you have to cut the organs and such out of your way.

Now if that all sounds too gross for you, then I would recommend stopping here, because what I had to dissect today in my biology class was so much worse. Today we started discussing sensory organs - ears, nose, eyes, etc. Now, in my opinion the ears and nose seem to be pretty simple structures compared to eyes. I was right by thinking that because today I dissected an eye. A cow's eye to be specific.

Not only was the eye unpreserved, but it was also still connected to a lot of muscle on the back side - talk about disgusting. After cutting it open and looking at all the structures inside, we were finally done. Now I am officially done dissecting things for my college career. WOOHOO!!