Whenever our local law enforcement posts pictures online asking for help, we should all do our best to assist them. They are just trying to keep our communities safe and also help out businesses that are dealing with theft, which is exactly what is going on with these two cases out of Jacksonville, Texas.

There have been two posts by the Jacksonville, Texas Police Department online asking for assistance from the public trying to identify suspects in these cases. While we cannot do anything about the quality of the photos, we can take a few minutes to try and figure out who these suspects are. It's not right to walk into a business and take things without paying for them and these suspects need to learn their lesson.

One Theft in Jacksonville, TX Took Place at the Walmart Store

As you can see in the pictures below this suspect is a while male driving a black pickup truck. No word on what exactly he took from the Walmart store in Jacksonville, but that really doesn't matter. If you can help identify the suspect please contact Detective Munsinger at (903)339-3334 the case number is 2022003486.

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The Second Theft Case in Jacksonville, TX Looks Like It Took Place At a Convenience Store

There are fewer details released regarding this second case as the store isn't even listed online by the Jacksonville, TX Police Department. Also, the images are very difficult to see the suspect but if you think you might know who the person is please again reach out to Detective Munsinger at (903)339-3340.

Let's hope as more crime photos such as these continue to get shared online it will lower the amount of thefts that take place in East Texas.

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