It was almost a full week and I thought we didn't hear about any businesses in the Jacksonville, Texas area with windows shot out. Unfortunately, I was wrong and the same person who has been shooting at businesses and personal vehicles in the Jacksonville area has struck again. This person or group of people have now caused tens of thousands of dollars in damages as more windows continue to be shot out.

It was approximately 4 months ago when we began hearing about businesses that had windows that were being shot out. Most people thought it was probably kids that were "bored" and they would stop. But the vandalism just continues, and business owners as well as citizens are beyond annoyed with the damage that is being done in their community.

The Window Shooters in Jacksonville, Texas Will Be Caught

While it's beyond frustrating for business owners and Jacksonville citizens that have had to replace windows, sometimes multiple times, it's only a matter of time until these vandals are caught. Law enforcement continues to find more information but they are still searching for the suspect(s).

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One Business in Jacksonville, TX Has Had Their Windows Shot Out Four Times

I've stayed connected to the team at East Tex Auto Glass LLC. The business hasn't been open a full year and had it's windows shot out four times. People are so angry in Jacksonville that it would be best if these criminals are caught by law enforcement not by business owners. It won't be long until they are caught, but if you have any details contact the Jacksonville Police Department at 903-586-7867.

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