We all have those things that just make us mad, for me it’s thieves. We’re all taught at a young age to not take items that don’t belong to us so when I see adults choosing to make the wrong decision, I don’t feel bad when they have to face the consequences. It’s horrible when it happens in East Texas but theft happens everywhere but we should still do everything possible to help stop it. Which is why I wanted to share the photos of these two suspects who are possible involved in the theft of a purse according to the Palestine Police Department. 

There wasn’t a whole lot of information that was shared online regarding what exactly happened but here is what we know so far after a post was made online by the Palestine Police Department. There was a purse stolen at Walmart and police believe these two might have been involved. They are asking anyone who can identify them to call (903)729-2254. If you want to remain anonymous, they still want to hear from you. 

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The Online Post by Palestine Police Caught A lot of Attention 

While you don’t expect a ton of reactions from an online post about theft, this information has already been shared over 330 times on social media and there have been quite a few comments as well. The problem is even with all of this attention no one has been able to identify the people in the photos.  

Let’s Do Our Part to Eliminate Theft in East Texas 

No one wants thieves in our community, so if you do know who these people are please reach out to law enforcement. And let this be a lesson for anyone who thinks about stealing, you will have your picture posted all over social media. Just don’t do it, this is the last way you want to become viral on social media. 

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