Residents of the Frankston, Texas area have been sharing their photos on social media after a storm left a path of destruction in its wake. Tragically, two people were killed.

This morning upon arriving at work, my morning co-host asked if I'd been awoken by Thursday night's storm. Surprisingly, I hadn't. Later that morning our Market President shared some photos and video of the intense damage done in his neighborhood after the storm raged through East Texas.

Apparently, Frankston was one of the East Texas cities to be hit most severely. Yet, some of the Frankston residents in the group say they heard no sirens warning of a tornado in the area. Most were truly surprised when awakened by the storm.

In an online social media group, Frankston, TX residents began sharing photos of the destruction in their neighborhoods, including huge fallen trees, and damage to area businesses and homes.

Tragically, two people died.

All of us here at Townsquare Media are sending much love to all of the families that were affected by last night's storm that surprised and awoken East Texans with its intensity--especially the family of the two people that died after a tree fell on their home.

According to KETK News, "Anderson County Sheriff Rudy Flores, [said] a 29-year-old woman and 33-year-old man were killed during the storms. The tree was removed from the home on CR 3000 Friday morning and their bodies have been taken to a funeral home."

It was a consolation to read East Texans reaching out to support and help one another after the storm. In fact, Robert Richbourg, the owner of Mike and RJ's Tree Service based in Palestine, Texas offered to remove the tree from the home of the couple who died after a tree fell on their home, pro bono.

Here are some of the photos that were shared by Frankston, TX residents after Thursday night's storm.

Last Night's Storm in Frankston, TX Left Much Destruction; Two People Have Died

In an online social media group, area residents shared photos of the destruction--including huge fallen trees, and damage to area businesses and homes.

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