The Purple Peacock Resort is described as "an adult RV destination park", located outside of Palestine, by owner Butch Manuel.

Manuel told CBS 19, "We’re just offering an Adult RV destination park, where people can come here on their free will. This place is a safe place for adults to come and gather and meet friends, socialize, lay out, in a safe environment. If people want to sun tan and not worry about tan lines, it’s their option. There’s no judgment," he said. "We accept everyone who wants to be out here and enjoy this natural setting."

Google Maps
Google Maps

The resort is for those 21 years old and up. There is also a tall fence that surrounds the resort so you can't see what's going on inside. You know, so your kids won't be scarred for life.

Residents have voiced their concerns about the resort but there is nothing illegal about a resort of this nature.

Anderson County Judge Robert Johnson said, "As long as its not a sexually oriented business then there’s nothing the county has control over."

You can also travel to Will Points to find the Pondarosa Resort. It is located on Highway 64 between Canton and Wills Point.

Doing a Google search found some positive reviews for the resort.

User 36thatdude gave the resort five stars and said,

Great place had fun and will return! Everyone is so nice. First time for everyone and everything! They welcomed us right in. Feels like home there.

The Pondarosa Resort does have a Memorial Day Weekend event starting Friday. They do advise wearing sunscreen. Yeah, that could be painful if you don't.

So, we get it. This may not be for most of us (and might seem a little weird). But for those who aren't afraid of being in the buff out in East Texas, maybe these are the places for you.

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