I have all the nostalgic feelings about this and I had to share.

Memories before our teenage years can be hazy sometimes, but if there's one thing that I DO remember, it's watching the original Unsolved Mysteries on TV with my parents. The soothing sound of Robert Stack's voice was instant excitement in my house.

My favorite "category" was always The Unexplained. The supernatural, the unknown, etc. Now, I'm a 37-year-old murder porn junkie (I'm not proud of it, but I could watch Dateline for days straight) and I started watching the older episodes of Unsolved Mysteries on Amazon Prime.

Yesterday, I was working on my laptop and wanted something "on" for noise in the background. I went to my default, Netflix, and the first thing to pop up was Unsolved Mysteries. And it looked...new. I thought, "Are there NEW episodes? No freaking way."


Be prepared, because there are a few things that are VERY different. First of all, there's no host. I'm not sad about this; I mean, how can you top the OG Robert Stack? You can't, so don't try. And they didn't.

Also, there's only one story per episode, which is likely why they don't need a host. I've watched the first three so far (the third episode is in France so it's all subtitles; if that's not your "thing,"you may want to skip it but I highly suggest watching it because it's a CRAZY story) and I'm not disappointed at all.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, ladies and germs. And if you get too hot outside, binge some of these new episodes.

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