I have never hunted feral hogs, so I don't have any stories to share of my own.

But I have had a couple of run ins, literally, with them. One of them damaging an S-10 I had years ago.

But for those of you that do, you've had some pretty good kills. But you've probably had a moment or two that didn't go as expected with those sometimes unpredictable pigs.

I have a feeling this is a good PSA on what not to do when hunting feral hogs.

They are a menace and have torn up several spots on my mom and dad's property in Lindale.

I had an instance when I lived in Lindale and was heading to work at 3:30 in the morning. I hit one I didn't see that was running across the road. It even got caught under my wheel and I drug it for several yards. It messed up the front grill and bumper pretty bad.

Good luck to you during your hunts and I hope yours don't turn out like these guys did.

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