If given the chance, which would you pick in a brutal takedown: a black bear or a wild hog? Speaking for most (if not all) of East Texas, we would be in favor of anything against wild hogs. These things are a pain in the butt for our ranchers and a neighborhood nuisance for those that live along wooded areas.

When I came across this incredible video of a fight for survival between a black bear and wild hog in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, I just knew our Texan outdoor enthusiasts would be interested. It's definitely something that happens everyday (I mean, a bear has to eat), but it isn't something caught on camera everyday.

It happened near the Great Smokey Mountains National Park on Tuesday (March 23). Park visitors were passing by, when a they say a black bear snatched a wild hog right off of the highway.

Philip Talbot spoke with local media outlet WATE about the encounter, and how he just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

“We originally thought it was a bear and cub until we got right up on them,” Talbot told WATE. “That’s when the bear attacked and we started videoing. Both lanes were stopped. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing! I’m an avid hunter and it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen!”

**Warning: The video contains images that some may find disturbing**

You may watch the video here for yourself:

As for feral hogs here in Texas, Texas A&M estimates there to be about 2.6 million wild hogs that call our state home. The damage these hogs can cause to our communities is incredible. According to Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, feral hogs cause $500 million in damage each year.

Not only can feral hogs be damaging to our crops and land, they can also be dangerous. A 59-year-old woman was killed near Anahuac, Texas in 2019 after being attacked in front of a home by a pack of wild hogs. She suffered massive head trauma and was confirmed via autopsy to have bled to death.

Her death was ruled an accident.

Each year 50-60% of the feral hog population must be eradicated in order to maintain the current population. However, there are currently no legal substances to keep the wild hogs from reproducing. According to Texas A&M, legal population reduction techniques in the state include shooting, trapping, snaring and the use of specially trained dogs.

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