Wild hogs are invasive in the U.S., and a real pain in the *ss. In fact in so many cities across our state, including Austin, TX, you can mow these invasive pests down from a helicopter (more on that below).

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Another popular and effective way to get rid of them is to round 'em up in pens using feeders and open fire on them. While they do make good eatin', the most important part of doing this is purely eradication.

Well, now there is a new swine threat. Have you heard of Canada's super pigs? According to The Guardian, they are described as "a giant, 'incredibly intelligent, highly elusive' beast capable of surviving cold climates by tunneling under snow, is poised to infiltrate the north of the country."

Oh, sh*t!

These hybrids are a result of cross-breeding domesticated pigs with wild boars, and due to their massive size they are able to survive Canada's harsh winters -- something the folks who engineered them didn't think would be possible.

And for those who seek to protect these pigs, remember that they are not native to North America and have become a detriment: "the government estimates the country’s approximately 6 million wild, or feral, pigs cause $1.5 billion of damage each year."

While we don't know when, or if, these so-called "super pigs" will make their way all the way south to Texas, as they eye our Northern States, it may just be a matter of time.

Oh, and if you're interested in shooting hogs from a helicopter you can totally do that here in Texas. According to HelicopterPigHunting.com, "Feral Hog eradication is legal and highly appreciated by land owners.  Wild pigs are an invasive species that destroys millions in property every year.  Feral hogs have no natural predators in Texas and breed year round.  Without the eradication process, wild pigs would continue to breed and could expand out into major cities."

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