Thieves are the absolute worst. For some reason, they feel that taking something from someone who has worked hard to acquire an item is their right to do so because they are not in a position to do the same. Its wrong no matter the reason, or excuse, for the theft. Thieves will also find very sneaky ways to get your information or money. One such way is using a card skimmer. These thieves will install one on a gas pump so when you swipe your debit or credit card, they can get that information to start stealing your money. Find out what this new skimmer is and how to spot one in Texas.

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New Skimmers in Texas

While card skimmers are nothing new in Texas, these particular type of skimmers are. Most card skimmers actually need to be installed inside of the gas pump to better conceal the presence. However, a new type of skimmer has made it's way into our state that can just slip onto the existing card slot. It is battery operated and Bluetooth enabled and can be disguised as a legitimate card reader.

How to Spot One

The easy way to tell that this type of skimmer could be installed is to grab the card skimmer and try to move it. If it it doesn't move, than its a 99.99% certainty that the card slot is real and safe. If it moves easily, then it's most likely a thieves card skimmer. You can also take a look at the other pumps and if the other card slots look different than the pump your at, it may be a card skimmer.

Not Reported in East Texas but Could Be Soon

These new card skimmers showed up at a gas station in Hollywood Park, Texas (WFAA) but could easily be making their way to a gas station in East Texas. Use the above measures to check your gas pump before inserting your card, go inside to pay with your card or use cash to help avoid becoming a victim of these thieves.

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