Big and small businesses, especially ones that rely on "crowds" are getting into the "get vaccinated, get free stuff" wave right now as a way to entice folks still leery about getting vaccinated, motivated to want to participate.

So far, we've seen everything from donuts to daiquiris being offered up for free if you can show proof of vaccination. While its still unknown if folks are taking advantage of the freebies, more and more companies are getting involved.

The iconic beer brand Budweiser will now incentivize folks who get vaccinated with a contest where they will be giving away 10,000 free beers according to USA Today.

Folks who want to show proof have until May 16th to enter the "Reunite with Buds" giveaway at with proof of vaccination. You must be 21 and older and sign up for an account on their website and all that. Your "free beer" will come in the form of a "$5 virtual debit card" that you can use to purchase "one" beer. (That's pretty steep price for ONE beer!)

But unfortunately for us Texans, we can't participate according to the "fine print". But don't feel bad, neither can Alabama and California. Probably has something to do with TABC rules or something so no "free beer" for us but places like Flavors Daiquiri Cafe in Tyler will hook you up with an adult beverage if you show proof of vaccination so support the small business. Bud will be alright.

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