Grab an old couch and your 4x4 truck, and away we go. Although we don't know what region of the US this video came from, or if it even came from the US at all, we feel like it could easily be from right here in East Texas.

Couch surfing used to refer to a "cheap form of lodging used mainly by college-students or recent college-grads, where one stays on acquaintance's couches rather than a hotel. 2. What someone who can't afford rent on their own and/or can't find roommates quick enough does when they are "between" places."

Today, friends, it literally means surfing on your couch. And yes, we realize based on the intelligence shown here, these three dudes likely participated in the Tide Pod challenge.

This is not a male-only sport, ladies. The respected sport of couch surfing invites members of all sexes to participate in the adrenaline pumping sport.

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