Two media sources, Business Insider and Foursquare, came together and compiled a list of each state's favorite fast food chain. Whatever math they used would get them a F in class.

The article claims that the two came together and used a formula of total visits per location in each state divided by locations in the state.


As much as I like Chic-Fil-A, you can't convince me that 97% (just throwing that percentage out there, but probably pretty close based on this) of the United States would vote Chic-Fil-A as their favorite fast food chain.

In N Out Burger is the favorite of Texas? There are 22 locations in Texas, one in Waco, the rest in the Dallas - Forth Worth metroplex according to Whataburgers are like Starbucks in Texas, one on every corner. There is no way In N Out Burger beat Whataburger using the above formula.

Popeye's the favorite in Hawaii? That's a stretch.

Raising Canes in California? I find that hard to believe.

This is why I hate the internet sometimes, speculative reports like this just to get a click. And sadly, it worked on me. I can sum up this 'report' in one word...dumb.

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