Are you ready for some delicious weekend Breakfast hacks that may even make your weekday morning routine easier?

I’ve got you. Yes, I turned to TikTok.

Why do I keep turning to TickTock? Because I find amazing simple videos showing me how to do things that I want to do.

This time it’s breakfast! I love breakfast. I could eat breakfast all day, every day. Eggs happen to be one of my favorite breakfast food items.

There are some great places to get wonderful local breakfast here in East Texas, but sometimes you just need to make it at home.

Whether it’s to save money, or save time. These recipes are quick, simple, and delicious.

First up egg bites. 

There is a particular tool that you may want to have on hand to make this simpler. Do you want a silicone mold for your egg fryer. You will also want some thing to remove that silicone mold while it’s hot from the air fryer.

So how do you make them? Super simple.

Dice a bell pepper diced ham or bacon, Really you can get creative with these ingredients.

Add them to a mixing bowl, and add three eggs with 3 tbsp of cottage cheese and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

Add salt and pepper. You can add garlic pepper, you could also season with cilantro or hot sauce.

Add them to your air fryer and air fry for 15 minutes at 300°, then the last five minutes at 375°

Feel free to finish with cilantro and flaky salt.

So this one is super simple. Replace boiling eggs by air frying them.

Simply place the eggs in the air fryer basket, set it for at 250° and 17 minutes.

When they’re done run them under cool water and peel easily.

Breakfast Sandwich

This is the easiest breakfast you’ll ever make. Assemble two pieces of bread Each with a piece of bacon forming a circle on top of each slice. Crack an egg in the middle of the bacon circle. Place the piece of bread with the bacon and egg into the air fryer for 10 minutes at 350°. pull it out sprinkle in some cheese and put it back in for another minute.

Place one piece on top of the other slice and a half and your breakfast sandwich is ready to eat.

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