I'm just gonna say it, I find it hard to believe we didn't land between 78-82 cities on this list. Think you know which Lone Star Cities made the list? Our highest rated city is not our capital, nor is it Dallas, TX.

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Nope, the honor of the the No. 42 ranked city on the 2023 World’s Best Cities Report, goes to our most populous city, Houston. This makes it the highest-ranking of three Texas cities to make the Top 100.

The annual ranking is conducted by Resonance, "a leading advisor in tourism, real estate, and economic development." Here's one part of what they said of Houston:

Austin may get the attention, but the promise of the Lone Star State drawing Californians and New Yorkers is quietly being fulfilled in Houston. In the past year, immigration both domestic and international has swelled the metro population almost seven million—an increase of almost 300,000. And the people arriving are more educated and more international than before the pandemic. Houston today is one of America’s most ethnically diverse big cities, with more than 145 languages spoken at home, according to the latest census—about even with New York.

If you're wondering, Houston barely edged out the Live Music Capital of the World; Austin is right on Space City's heels at No. 43. The Big D isn't far behind either -- it comes in at No. 47.

This is a big honor for Texas, as just 25 U.S. cities were selected for this list. New York City cracked the top 10 at No. 3, Paris is No. 2, and the top spot went to London.

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