I want to believe that this isn’t real, but something tells me it is. 

A video that is circulating online shows a white tiger sleeping (I assume it’s not dead) next to a dumpster in Waco, Texas. The clip is only seven seconds long and we never see the tiger move. 

So, I decided to do a little investigative journalism (aka a Google search) to get to the bottom of this tiger supposedly roaming around Waco. But after a quick search of “Waco tiger” and “Cameron Park Zoo,” I came up with nothing. Zilch. 

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You would think that if the below video isn’t some sort of hoax, a tiger being on the loose would be one of the top stories of the day in Waco. I know if I lived there, I would certainly want to know that there’s a huge cat capable of tearing a person limb from limb wandering around town. But that’s just me. 

But as of this posting, it’s unclear whether or not the video is real. 

However, until the clip is proven to be a hoax, it’s probably in the best interest of people in that neck of the woods to be on the alert, lest they become dinner for one of nature’s fiercest predators. 

So, if that’s you, be careful. Because the last thing I want to do is write about a tragic tiger mauling in the streets of Waco. 

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