There is no arguing that us Texans have our own way of speaking. While we don't have a completely different language from the English language, we definitely have our own way of saying things. If you're native to East Texas, you may find that even other Texans make fun of the way East Texans speak.

But if you're from somewhere like California or New York, most of these 'southern' phrases might be kind of confusing, or even appalling.

Drop the G.

I’m fixin’ to be telln’ about words that we aren’t pronouncin’ correctly. Are you sure you’re understandin’ this?

We enjoy metaphors.

“I’ve been runnin around like a chicken with my head cut off!!” – “I’ve been so busy I can barely handle it”.

“Not my monkey, not my circus” – basically means not my problem.

“Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!” – is an expression of surprise and joy.

Contractions, Contractions, Contractions.

Wouldn’t’ve, Couldn’t’ve, Shouldn’t’ve, Y’all’ve – we like to be resourceful and just combine all of our words into one.


This is the most essential word if you’re going to speak like an East Texan. You ain’t gonna fit in here if you don’t use this word.

Y’all vs All Y’all.

This is how we say “you-all” or “all of you”. Note: if it’s a larger group of people, you will hear us say “all y’all”.

Yes ma’am/no ma’am

This is a big one, and it doesn’t just refer to humans either. When my dog is acting up, I yell “NO SIR!” and he quits. But the ma’am/sir thing is a matter of courtesy and respect around here, if I don’t acknowledge my my mom by “ma’am”, I’m sure to get an earful.


This has two meanings. Holler as in “down in the holler (country”, or “holler at me when you’re home!”. Holler is essentially East Texan for reach out to me!

Coke doesn’t necessarily mean COKE.

If you go up north and order a Coke, you’ll get just that – a Coca Cola. But here, if you say you want a coke, you’ll get asked “What kind?”. And more often than not that kind is Dr. Pepper.

Leslie Reynolds
Leslie Reynolds

Ya dun'?

Pretty self explanatory.

Next time all y'all think you're comin' back, holler at us and will start fixin' some supper.

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